Towers Clan

The Towers Clan were once Viking explorers and Werewolves. They have been werewolves since the All-Father snatched up their ancestors Geri and Freki, the Sons of Varg. In those ancient days the clan followed Fenris, and were Blood Talons to the last. But one thousand years ago the spirits went silent to the Blood Talons that came to Greenland. They made the camp, settled and took territory, but the local Spirit courts would not bow. The fighting was vicious and bloody and only a handful of the Clan of Varg survived, and those left to sail down the coast. The explorers made it into Hudson Bay, and mistakenly went down the river into the Great Lakes region. The settled in what would become Wisconsin, and eventually travelled as far upriver as Black River Falls. Then the intrepid group started exploring and trade, recognizing that they were not going back to Iceland.

The Werewolves kept to themselves, mostly, but their hands have shaped history…the myths of the Ho-Chunk mention one side of an old family tale – one that seems destined to play out the same way until the nineties. The Wolf and the Witch-Man’s Daughter is a Ho-Chunk Myth of how Witch-Man saw a strange wolf that turned into a man and how that man married Witch-Man’s daughter Hitcoga, how the marriage imploded and how the Wolf’s Clan ran off Hitcoga.

The Towers Clan has always had a tradition of having its sons prove who is the Strongest. The Strongest then upholds the Towers name, and all other contenders take up the Spires and Kastali surnames after the tournament. Any who do not compete choose new names upon marriage or the birth of their first child.

In 1988 the Strongest of the Towers men is John Towers, and his family is a melding of John Towers’ and Alice Irons’ bloodlines. They have seven children and are trusted with many times that number of secrets. One of the secrets lie within their children, but that is another story… Their firstborn son, Jack Towers came into this world two months early, in April of 1990. Then on June 5th, Sarah Jane was born. In early September of 1992, Alice gave birth to their twin girls. For six years there was nothing, then Alice came up pregnant again, with twins in 1998, delivering a boy and girl in early November of that year. Then a ways after Y2K came and went, Alice was dealing with what the doctors decided had to be her last pregnancy, also twins. But a complication arose, and only one child survived, Jacob Oriah Towers was born on January 1st, 2001.

In 2016 another tournament was held after Jacob Towers underwent his First Change and requested the Tournament. As the youngest of the bloodlines, the tournament wasn’t going to happen until his eighteenth birthday, but Jake gathered support and then demanded to be recognized as a strong enough contender. People allowed him to compete, not expecting much, and Jake seemed to prove them right again and again, only winning at the very last minute or by sheer stamina. Then, when he made it to the finals, all the nervous and frightened energy fell away and people saw it had always been a mask – when he faced his brother Jack, he endured two of Jack’s blows and then struck swiftly and soundly and ended the battle in one singularly powerful blow. Jack was thunderstruck, strangely awed by mind-numbing power his little brother displayed, and the elders of the family watched as Jake helped his brother, carrying him to the medic, salving wounds and wounded pride, revealing his cunning plan to make sure everyone underestimated him, then assuring him that not being in the crosshairs is probably best, given that he has a family and Jake is alone.

Towers Clan

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