Raising Towers

Raising Towers is a five-part chronicle about being a child & youth in our setting in the Chronicles of Darkness. The chronicle follows the stories of the family of Alice Irons, John Towers and their brood of children. It centers on the adventures of Sarah Jane Towers and the troubles she encounters as she grows up ensconced in this supremely supernatural family. The theme of Raising Towers is The Secrets We Keep; and its mood is something akin to the layered feeling of What Is And What Is Not.

The first adventure in it is The Branching Path, and it continues on following the character Sarah Jane Towers as she grows up among the Towers Clan.

The second adventure in Raising Towers is Of Strange & Sacred Places, and is about Sarah and the trouble she gets into at around five years old, when she makes her way deeper into the mysteries of the Irons family than even her father John Towers has…

The third adventure in Raising Towers is Deep in the Woods about Sarah and her brother and the trouble they get into a few years later when they explore beyond the low stone wall that cuts through the dark woods behind the Irons Manse. They sneak out past dark and go far past where Dad told them never to go…deep into the nightmarish woods.

Raising Towers

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