The Tapestry of Terror

The Branching Path

Little Sarah's Journey

In this strange Choose-Your-Own Adventure the infant Sarah is helping her mother Sandra, guiding her in strange ways.  Each Choice is life-or-death for little Sarah… and she knows that being recaptured by the God-Machine and his Angels is not a viable option.

Sarah, who had been connected to the God-Machine since she gained consciousness, chose to disconnect herself and her mother from the God-Machine. While she was Connected she had dreamt of many things as her unconscious connected to the matrix of possible realities the God-Machine could create. She lived through dozens of lifetimes over the course of her pre-natal incarceration, each time trying to escape the confines of her prison by Influencing her mother to wakefulness and rousing her fight-or-flight and maternal instincts. Each life led to trauma and tragedy and eventually the infant Sarah let the dream go and slumbered for a while, growing and changing and being changed by the God-Machine. In her last lifetime she lived twenty seven years and Awakened as a Mage! She fought angels and realized the truth of her family and her past and the Supernal Fire awakened in her burned away the greatest lie of all: that at some point during the dream, Sarah had forgotten she was dreaming…that was when she disconnected from the God-Machine, recognizing its influence as the reason every escape dream had been riddled with pain and trauma and sorrow.

Sarah helped Sandra Escape by influencing her mind up and out of the depths of the Astral Realm and making her realize the horrors she was actually undergoing. Remembering the path through the infernal maze of the God-Machine’s infrastructure, Sarah influenced Sandra like a gut instinct and navigated them through it to the deep woods Sandra had originally disappeared into.

Just like that, Sandra stood on the edge of the highway and had to choose, she was physically 17, mentally she had snapped back to her latest healthy mental state from before her pregnancy & disappearance, and she faced a life-changing decision: go left along the highway to Black River Falls, right along the highway to Tomah, or find a stranger and just go. Sarah Urged Sandra to go to a stranger for help.

Sandra was taken to a truck stop where she met Emma Valgard

Emma took care of Sandra, noted Sarah's supernatural abilities

Emma took Sandra to the only Mages she was on Friendly terms with – The Irons Family at The Irons Manse in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

Emma was allowed into the grounds, they were no longer Irons family controlled but now run by the Towers Clan, still based out of the old Irons Manse.

Emma met with the last of the Irons family, Alice, and her husband, the leader of the Towers Clan and the Towers Pack.

They agreed that Sandra will go with Emma after the baby is born, but that the baby, Sarah, will stay with John and Alice.  Desirae D'Hart leaves with Emma who is unaware of her Demonic nature.

Five Years Later…

Sarah is visited by The Dark Man and asked to choose which timeline continues to exist: either the girl survives or the 27-year-old Mage…she chose the girl.


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