The Tapestry of Terror

Secrets Best Forgotten

Some things should never be known...

On Monday, October 3rd, a reminder announcement came on throughout Black River Falls High School telling everyone about a memorial for Sandra Richardson in Tomah on Wednesday, and to remember to turn in their permission slips by the next day for the 20-year anniversary of her disappearance and her parents are having the annual memorial.

Sarah Jane takes a form with the idea that she can see her grandparents in an unobtrusive manner. Initially she has no conscious intent to investigate the uncanny disappearance of her mother on the twenty-year anniversary of her ‘murder’. Tuesday night, after an investigation into who her mother is now, the “angels” visit her, the woman she has met on multiple occasions and the teenage cover of the one who erased her mind so many times. They spoke at length and when the woman left, she and the hacker …talked… They talked hard. For hours they talked and talked. They talked so loudly the whole house heard. John even held dinner until they’re done.

The next day, Wednesday, Sarah left for the memorial after her mom, Alice, caught her in bed with him. There was some…awkwardness. And then, while Iris was in the hallway, a ghostly female wolf came and began …feasting… on Sarah. Alice shooed the wolf away and explained it, but Iris overheard some things about werewolves, spirits, and totems. Sarah left for the memorial rather than explain.

After a long and boring drive, Sarah arrived in Tomah. She parked her motorcycle near the square in between a large truck and a small compact. Once there Sarah met and conversed with a young girl named Riley Miller. After hearing her story of how her mom has a new boy-friend Sarah encourages her to essentially live life to the fullest, because that is what her mom is doing … little did Sarah know that the new boy-friend was a cousin of hers, a Spire, whose line broke from the Towers to avoid certain confusions. As they were discussing this difference an officer decided to become involved, angering the Spire (who was a Werewolf … and we all know they have anger issues), this causes poor Riley to become scared and run into the street, where a truck is speeding down the road … luckily Sarah uses her quick reflexes to snatch Riley out of the road, leaving her unharmed, but her dad-to-be even more enraged. He smashes in the front of the truck and tosses the driver into a building. The officer tries to pin the whole thing on the Spire, but again Sarah and her quick thinking come to the rescue with numerous counts of breaking the law, getting her cousin out of trouble altogether.

It’s about that time that the Richardson’s meet Sarah. She does her best to carefully answer questions to avoid telling them exactly who she is. When she goes on to the cookout she does so with more questions than answers, and when the band kicks off the music with a haunting rendition of Black Hole Sun, followed by Sweet Child of Mine…


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