The Tapestry of Terror

The Old College Try

Life begins at West Range University.

Fast-forward to January 2006: The entire Towers family takes a long road trip to the Rocky Mountains to Paradise, Montana. John and Alice are returning to their alma mater – where their great romance began… Jack and the others, meanwhile, get a sneak preview of where they will be going to college and the sorts of people they will be going with… And poor Sarah is so severely overwhelmed. Psychics, Hedge Witches, Sleepwalkers, Mages, Werewolves, Vampires, Changelings, Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, Wolf-Blooded, Dhampir, Prometheans, and more wander the campus with everyone trying to show off a little. And there stands Sarah, a girl Perfected from birth, raised by a Proximus and a Werewolf, and otherwise seeming to have nothing particularly different about her. Feeling very much normal in an otherwise very abnormal environment Sarah Jane decides to determine just what makes her special.

That first night Sarah met her Housemates, all of whom were special in some way; Like her roommate Madison, who looked like a pin-up model and was a “skinwalker” capable of changing her appearance to become like anyone else’s with a little effort; Or the crazy kids next door, a musician named Jack Frost who was cryokinetic and his roommate, a dancer name Sun-Li who was pyrokinetic; The two in 3A were both haunted by what they had seen, Henry began the year as a Wolf-Blooded Nuzusul, and his roommate Willow was a Sleepwalker; Just below Sarah’s room in 2C was the unofficial house-leader Aklaq, a were-polar-bear from Alaska, and his roommate was Daniel, a Werewolf from Silverlake, Colorado. Next to them were two kids struggling to put their old families behind them, Luna is a Wolf-Blood from Detroit, Michigan, and Drake is a Proximus from Tucson, Arizona, and both never speak about their families and try to shake the nightmares from them; In 2A are girls from very different worlds, but each are trying to escape the shadow of one individual they won’t speak of, Raven is a goth-girl Dhampyr from Chicago, Illinois, and Aurelia is gypsy with the gift of foresight whose family roamed around the area of Wallachia, Romania. And, almost miraculously, they all get along!


XanAbbott XanAbbott

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