Raising Towers : Sarah Jane’s childhood until she’s a teenager, and then Jacob Towers enters the picture as her little sidekick for a couple of years.

Ivory Towers : Sarah Jane Towers attends West Range University.

Howling, Snarling, and Roaring! : Jake’s Adventures in Silver Lake after he leaves Black River Falls.

Something about Sleeping Dragons : Sarah’s Adventures in Black River Falls, after her triumphant return from college.

Seas of Blood : The Chronicle of Emma Valgard throughout her Requiem.

The Wars of Men : The Story of Pyotr Feodorovna and Emma Valgard and their troubles with keeping a family line alive.

Old Vampires in New York : As Elders, Pyotr and Emma rediscover the Big Apple; Pyotr has his mission from the Royal Line, Emma has a personal mission to help her bloodline survive.

Bowed but Unbroken : Their chains shattered, three angels fall far from the God-Machine and find themselves mingling with the very people they once oppressed.

The Ties that Bind Us : One soon-to-be infamous Halloween at West Range University, the campus is turned upside-down and the lives of seven students are forever altered…


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