Keanu Reeves

The Immortal Exile


Conspiracy theorists say that he is immortal. They look at photographic evidence and say this man was Charlemagne, that he was Jean Paul Mounet, and that he is currently Keanu Reeves. This is part of what fuels “The Immortals Conspiracy” that in 2017 “slanders” the presidency of Mark Wahlberg. President Wahlberg constantly deals with crackpot questions about the conspiracy to place him in the White House, and his response is usually brusque at best. Keanu actively supports President Wahlberg and has repeatedly turned down offers to join the government.

The truth is actually a far stranger thing. Keanu Reeves ages slow, but he still ages. His life is continually stained by death and loss, but he still lives and eventually he (sort of) dies. Who he actually is, and when this all started, remains a mystery lost to time and several sacked kingdoms.

Acting is his outlet for the emotional turmoil he feels about his long life. He tries his best to raise the bar, but recognizes that he is, for better or worse, human like them. People are usually in awe of him, but almost every one respects him, mostly because of his passion, depth, and discipline.

Keanu Reeves

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