Emma Valgard

The Sexy Saxon Sailor

Age: 241 years old Apparent Age: Late 20’s,
Date of Birth: 1776 Date of Embrace: 1796
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Pale Blue
Race: Scandinavian Ethnicity: Saxon
Height: Six Feet Weight: 145 Pounds
Gender: Female Measurements: 36DD – 26 – 36
Mental Physical Social
Intelligence: 2 Strength: 3 Presence: 3
Wits: 3 Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 2
Resolve: 4 Stamina: 3 Composure: 3
Mental Skills Rating Physical Skills Rating Social Skills Rating
Academics 0 Archery 0 Animal Ken 1
Crafts 1 Athletics 3 Empathy 0
Enigmas 0 Brawl 2 Expression 0
Investigation 1 Firearms 1 Intimidation 2
Medicine 1 Larceny 0 Persuasion 2
Occult 0 Sailing 4 Socialize 0
Politics 0 Stealth 0 Streetwise 1
Science 1 Survival 2 Subterfuge 1
Weaponry 2
Mortal Merits Rating Supernatural Merits Rating Size: 5
Striking Looks 1 ??? ??? Speed: 11
Indomitable 2 ??? ??? Defense: 6
Iron Will 2 ??? ??? General Armor: 1
Resources 3 ??? ??? Ballistic Armor: 1
Safe Place 3 ??? ??? Initiative Mod: +6

Born in 1776, Emma Valgard was Embraced in 1796 after she battled valiantly against the predations of pirates – specifically Vampire pirates and a Viking Werewolf. Henry and John Hudson argued amongst each other vehemently but Henry went against his son’s wishes and Embraced the dying Emma.

Emma fled after learning what Henry Hudson had turned her into. She tried to live on her own and wound up rampaging through the high seas from late 1796 all the way into sometime in 1806.

At some point in 1806 Emma Valgard switched – she started learning control. What happened?

In the 1830’s Emma joined Henry Hudson in an endeavor with a Major Jeremiah Irons – a Mage. They built a house and quite a bit more.

Emma Valgard has many stories of what happened between Then and Now. But one time period is not talked about…the Turn of the Millennium.

When the Millennium approached the last of the Childer she mentored left to go to New York City. The city had been in the grip of a not-so-Invisible War between Vampires and Mages for control. The ‘disciples’ of Valgard tipped the balance and the Vampires won at a bloody cost: the destruction of the Mages of New York. Including Sandra Richardson.

Emma Valgard

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