Alice Irons

The Last Proximus of the Irons Family

Age: 35 years old
Apparent Age: Late 20’s
Date of Birth: 1971
Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep Brown
Race: French
Ethnicity: American
Height: Five feet and four inches
Weight: 105 Pounds
Gender: Female

Alice Irons is the youngest daughter of Jeremy Irons, the patriarch of the The Irons Family and the Eldest and Most Powerful of the Etheros-Irons. Her family has always been beset by the supernatural forces of The Great Lakes area; Her mother and brothers were killed by the feral Gangrel Clan Vampires that were rather openly terrorizing the Great Lakes area. As a safety measure, Jeremy sent his surviving daughters away. His eldest, the then thirty-five year old Ingrid went to Madison where the Irons Family had funded the large city library. His youngest, the sixteen-year old genius Alice went to college in Colorado at West Range University – a place known in certain circles as We Strange University.

At college Alice exceled. She was always confident in herself, and it showed. While she was never really popular, or part of the “in”-crowd, Alice was well-liked. When she ran into John Towers, literally, she was knocked off her feet and the course of events her life might have taken was forever turned. Alice and John immediately became an item, and John met with Jeremy’s approval when Alice took him home over their sophomore year’s Thanksgiving break. When Alice met John’s family they were too in awe of the man John had become to give her any grief. John’s mom and dad knew right away that John became the Alpha he was because of her, and became grateful and accepting – and none of the packs dared go against Mrs. Towers!

In her Junior year of college Alice’s dad became ill. John and Alice immediately finished their coursework ahead of schedule, completed or withdrew from their courses and moved back to Black River Falls. Taking over the the Irons Manse Alice decided to dissolve the local Consilium and send every Mage packing. With the Black River Consilium gone, several packs of werewolves moved in.

In 1990, after the death of her father in 1989, she gave birth to her firstborn son and took custody of John’s newborn daughter, Sarah Jane. By then it was clear to the town of Black River Falls that Alice Towers was replacing Ol’ Jeremy as the one to know, and John by extension became the man to call on in times of trouble. John and Alice assembled the Towers Pack from their nearby cousins and siblings, and forced any other supernatural to five miles beyond the town boundaries. Those who stayed in violation of Alice’s Edict became the prey of the Towers Pack’s Siskur-Dah.

Alice Irons

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