Anderson Cooper

The Immortal Emperor


Anderson Cooper is no ordinary man. Anderson Cooper is Immortal. He has taken public roles many times, always with a social commentary, always in the forefront, and, up until now, always in the closet. He always laments that he never got to see his idea of The Republic take full form…(he was Julius Caesar, did he not name-drop that? He eventually will, don’t worry…)

Over the Millennia he has been alive he has had plenty of time to live, laugh, love, become jaded, and eventually find his world renewed a few times over. He actually says he like the cycle. He has also gathered in several other Immortals and keeps them in close confidence. None of them have any idea why they are the way they are, it is a true mystery even to them.

Anderson, or whatever he goes by, has found others like him – others like Peter Dinklage, Keanu Reeves, and more. He broadcasts out of New York City where he keeps tabs on its vampiric populace. Oh, yeah, old Caesar knows about vampires. He used to be one. As far as he can remember, at least. Most of his memories are vague and somehow blurred, as if they happened to someone else, but he knows they also happened well before he was a Roman.

Anderson Cooper

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