The Tapestry of Terror

To Break Free

Sarah unleashes her potential...

Sarah is mesmerized by West Range University. Everyone here is challenging themselves, trying to be the best being they can be. In an effort to find her best self she decides to push her limits…

Sarah pushes herself physically by taking her running to, literally, whole new heights with parkour and by taking as many of the Martial Studies courses as she can. That’s not enough though…Sarah decides to test out of her mundane coursework by reading the entire textbook and past year’s teacher’s lectures so she can take courses that focus on subjects as they apply in the non-mortal world. She spends her mornings over that wintry semester out in the courtyard training through the freezing cold with Professor Reeves, taking his Martial Studies courses. Every week she takes three seminar classes, and spends her nights powering through 1 to 5 page essays on the politics of the supernatural factions, and their individual sub-groups. Her days are spent in interviews with supernatural representatives, her martial studies courses, her seminars, and her research into the Relics she got for Professor Dinklage’s class.

Around four weeks into school, just before Valentine’s day, Sarah’s housemate Raven shows up in her bed. The two begin a strange romance, and the entire house backs them up. Life starts going exceptionally smoothly, even if Sarah’s study schedule is extremely taxing because of all of Sarah’s ambitions.

After the eighth week of courses, the students are granted a week off for the Equinox, and Sarah takes Raven home to meet the family. They travel by aperture door, and arrive at their surprise welcome-home party. That night after meeting some of the folks Sarah influenced in Black River Falls, Raven gets her first experience of the Towers’ cooking traditions – everyone cooks, everyone eats, everyone cleans. Raven is awarded her own apron that is embroidered with Raven Towers in delicate script. Anyone else might see it as moving too fast, but Alice breaks the slight awkwardness by telling Raven:

“Now sweetie,” Alice began in honeyed tones, “we have spoken with Emma about your situation and have come to a decision, like it or not.” Here her voice took on a hard edge as she cast a swift glance at Sarah, letting the girl know Mama was serious, “Whether you two break it off in five minutes or fifty years, Raven, you are our daughter now.” Raven wrapped Alice in a tear-soaked hug, choking Alice up enough that John had to wipe a tear from his eye and finish it by saying, “No matter what happens, this is home and we are family. We are always going to take care of both of you.” Sarah got all emotional and it soon became a big family hug, until Jack and John squeezed and no one could breathe…that is.

Raven joined the family that night and later on actually gave Sarah a promise ring for after graduation. (Sarah later gave Raven one as well, outside The Merchant.) There were lots of awkward moments, and one truly momentous one: Plans for the future were announced, Mom and Dad did not want to run this farm forever, and now declared out what would happen.

Jack was starting a family, and in college would need to split from the Towers Pack to form his own Pack, and he had many good notions to turn the Towers Farm into a more profitable place, so it was announced that if he had his heart set on being a farmer, it was tradition to let the eldest take over the family farm and for the Old Wolf and his Pack to carve out new Territory. Because Jack and Sarah were near the same age, and near the same milestones, John and Alice told them about two of the Irons Manses that exist, the one near Black River Falls, and a basically abandoned one near White River. One is set up to be a farm, the other is more suited to exploring the bay or fishing. Alice has the deed to both and is going to let Jack and Sarah decide. This brings about some poutiness, but Jacob speaks up first asking if he had to move somewhere else. Alice tells the others that they will live with them until they graduate college, and then move out to their own properties. John tells Jacob about Silver Lake, for the first time. Samuel is told about a beautiful property down in Arizona, Alyssa is given the Georgia property, and the twins are encouraged to split up and choose separate places in Oregon, right along the Hood River, as the Towers Clan had a few places in every which place. Being a Werewolf descended from the Towers Clan was never going to be easy, and it often ended bloody. Many properties were available, and John chose one for each kid at birth, and with the help of certain spirits, usually nailed it.

The week was awesome, and along the way during the Equinox celebration Jack proposed to his very pregnant girlfriend of two years. He had, it turns out, been working as hard as Sarah so he could graduate at sixteen and get into West Range.

Back at school for three weeks was rough, a twenty-hour day and four espressos later, Sarah the Stubborn was caught up and smashing through schoolwork with the power of an extinction-level-event asteroid on a collision course with Earth. By week ten every one of her professors had called to speak with John and Alice, and at the end of the year they were called into a special meeting with the professors, the councilor, Sarah, and the Headmaster. The Headmaster interviewed Sarah and reviewed the work before holding a very planned but seemingly impromptu graduation ceremony for Sarah, as she had earned:

  1. An Associates of the Arts Degree with a General Studies focus

  2. An Associates of the Arts Degree with a Supernatural Studies focus

  3. Associates of the Arts Degree in Martial Studies

  4. Associates of the Arts Degree in Supernatural Politics

  5. Associates of the Sciences Degree in Vampiric Politics

  6. Associates of the Sciences Degree in Werewolf Politics

  7. Associates of the Sciences Degree in Mage Politics

  8. Associates of the Sciences Degree in Changeling Politics

  9. Associates of the Arts Degree in Relic History

  10. Certification and Licensure for non-specified flying vehicle

  11. a pardon from her crimes of Flying without a License

  12. The Medal of Meritorious Intellect, the most prestigious award the school ever hands out, which has been given out a total of four times now…Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Alice Irons, and now Sarah Towers.

In the end of it all Sarah had broken the mold and proved without a doubt that she was something special, not just an over-achiever, but well-and-truly Perfected…


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