The Tapestry of Terror

Human Target is the Story of two Covers, the seductress and archaic damsel Desirae d’Hart and the hacker 0bl1v10n (Oblivion), who were released into the world shortly after their Angels Descended after encounters with the Irons Proximus but neither had memories of what their angels did, nor why they began their Descent.

Oblivion is attempting to hack a simple system, set up by someone who is either not very security conscious or somehow just doesn’t understand the internet. The money is good, the job is simple – a cool quarter million just for surreptitiously copying data from one unsecure location to another intensely secure location and the money is his. But as the files move through his data scrubbers as he is closing the system’s backdoor, one file pings his alert system, which is set to gather any data concerning events Oblivion is otherwise investigating. Within an hour people are trying to kill him, and they managed to blow up his hideout…

Miss d’Hart was unconcerned with the boys and men watching as she danced around the edge of the raised stage. She wanted them to look…especially that almost scary looking dark man in the corner, he gazed at her with an almost predatory look. Then she met and danced with a powerful blonde woman who moved past her and then, as if it was nothing, slaughtered a guy with a sword…Desirae ran, and never stopped running…


XanAbbott XanAbbott

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