The Tapestry of Terror

Deep in the Woods

Jack and Sarah sneak into the scary forest

Jack and Sarah sneak off after their chores to go into the woods (which is against the rules), go past the wall (also against the rules), and explore an abandoned house deep in the trackless woods (flat out forbidden). Jack manages to manipulate Sarah into going, and they start off on an adventure.

Under the hedge, through thorny plants they cannot quite identify, for ten to twelve feet. Then, down a long twisting deer trail with slimy mud and slippery rocks. Then across a small but swift flowing stream, to get across Jack and sarah needed to swing on a rope, but Jack knew to scrape his fingers clean so he could grip the rope. He instructed Sarah on how to do it and they both made it across after she scraped the river-stone as well.


XanAbbott XanAbbott

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